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This is the section of my site solely devoted to political discussion, whether it be tax cuts, the war in Iraq, judicial activism, et. al. Some of these articles can also be found in Kook Central, but considering they have a political flavor to them it's appropriate to place them here as well.

Documenting Democrat Election Fraud & Democrat Vote Fraud

Black Lives Do Not Matter (but black votes do) to virtue-signaling Progressives like the portly "Face Bloat" Sam Seder #samseder #facebloat the obese James Corden, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, "Fredo" Chris Cuomo et al.

"Face Bloat" Sam Seder, the rat-faced Ilhan Omar, Alexis McGill Johnson etc. et al. get their fulminations against white people (they sound like the KKK, but this time their angst is directed AT white people) steamrolled flat. Part I & Part II.

Ever Wonder Why Chicago is broke?

Debunking Progressive talking points against the Electoral College

The Community Reinvestment Act, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and our Economic Meltdown--Naming names, we show you who's responsible for our housing market crash that reverberated throughout our economy. Look no further than government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our government needs to get out of the "affordable" housing business just like it needs to get out of the "guaranteed retirement" (Social Security) business.

Why Are Gas Prices So High?--Examining the Democrat war on lower gas prices and their ties to environmentalism. Some of the topics include: Evil "Big Oil" companies, nationalization of oil companies, windfall profits taxes, speculators (and Democrat attacks on them), where we get our energy from, Al Gore's hypocrisy, and Democrat efforts to block any and all utilization of our domestic energy reserves--thus, keeping gas prices high. They're happy with high gas prices.

Universal Health Care--Should these United States copy health care systems in Canada and Europe that feature major government involvement (interference)?

Are Republicans and Democrats Indistinguishable?--An essay answering that very question. There's no question, in areas of federal spending and immigration (from 2000-06), the Republican Party as a whole has drifted left, much to the chagrin of its conservative base. But take heart my friends, there's still plenty of differences between the two parties, as I demonstrate. So you can either sit it out like a little baby and give a vote to the liberals or you could just vote for those dope-smoking Libertarians

Democrats are for the Poor, Republicans are for the Rich--Dismantles that old liberal adage, "Tax Cuts for the Rich," as well as discussion on raising the minimum wage and reforming the tax code. Demonstrates how out of touch liberals are economically. Added sections refuting the liberal arguments in favor of Death (Estate) Taxes, Free Trade vs. Protectionism and those kooky "income gap--the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer" arguments. Yawn!

Second Amendment Issues--Dissects the misguided and fictional bilge coming from the Left concerning Gun Control